Ownership, Funding and Advertising Info

Car News Wire - CarNewsWire.net

1. Ownership Structure:

Car News Wire is an independent media organisation owned and operated by own. You can find detailed information about the ownership structure in the "About Us" section on our company website.

2. Sources of Financing:

The main sources of funding for our website are as follows:

Advertisement revenues

Partnerships and sponsorships

3. Our Commitment to Transparency:

We aim to maintain our financial independence and editorial integrity. Our financial affairs are based on transparency.

4. Our Advertising Policy:

  • Editorial Independence: Our advertising revenues have no influence on our editorial decisions.
  • Separation: There is a clear distinction between advertising and content, and constant care is taken to maintain this distinction.
  • Accuracy and Ethics: We check adverts for accuracy and compliance with ethical standards. Misleading or manipulative adverts are not permitted.
  • Conflict of Interest: We avoid advertising partnerships or sponsorships that may create a potential conflict of interest.

5. Donations and Sponsorships:

Donations and sponsorships are accepted in accordance with certain ethical standards and rules. Such financial support is not allowed to directly influence our news content.

6. Review and Update:

We regularly review our Ownership, Funding and Advertising Information/Policy and update it as needed to maintain our commitment to providing our readers with the most current and accurate information.